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Backtagging with this character: (is it okay to reply to older posts?)
- Absolutely okay!
Threadhopping with this character: (is it okay to join an on-going thread?)
- If it seems serious, please ask first. But it's probably okay for a goofy thread.
Fourthwalling: (is it okay to reference the existence of the players or the game?)
- Absolutely :D
Canon puncture: (is it okay to directly tell a character that they're fictional?)

- Cis male / He/his/him
Sexual/romantic orientation:
- Pan/bisexual, leans toward men (partly due to a misogynistic attitude)
Triggers/offensive subjects:
- He is transphobic and misogynistic, but rarely voices his opinions on the subject. He just generally treats trans and female characters slightly worse. He is also very crude and occasionally actively seeks out to make other characters uncomfortable or do them harm. He is not opposed to disobeying consent, but I will always make a point to make sure the other player is okay with this before he gets it in his head. He also has the capability to be extremely cruel, abusive or even sadistic, but again, player consent is sexy and I will always confirm that first.
Basically, if you are sensitive to gross subjects you might not want to strike up too close a relationship with Dodger.
As for things that offend him, he hates roses and he's very sensitive about his masculinity. And that's about it.

(All of the things below are 100% okay by the mun, so I just listed Dodger's opinion)
- He's not big on being touched, but if he has a close relationship with the hugger he won't push them off. It's rare that he actively seeks out a hug. He will attack anyone who tries it without warning.
- He will almost always flirt back. He's not usually interested in romance but he will seek out and dish out sexual advances.
- A close relationship is definitely required. Actual romance / romantic feelings is not. He will attack anyone who tries it without warning.
- A-okay, as long as he tops. He's very much opposed to bottoming and will lash out if the subject is pursued.
Romantic or sexual relationships:
- Getting him to accept a romantic relationship takes work, but it's definitely possible. He's very selective and standoffish about romance, but it's worth the effort - he'll defend a lover to the death. Sexual relationships are much more casual, and he will happily use people as long as he is comfortable enough near them. He also doesn't mind being used by someone else, as long as he isn't too emotionally attached to them.
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault:
- He's not opposed to dishing it out, so he can't complain about taking it. But he will attempt to kill anyone who tries. Although, he'll usually only try once or twice. Afterward he just avoids that person.
Fighting this character: 
- Not recommended. But he is never opposed to it. Partly because he can easily defeat most enemies. Partly because his ego makes him think he's completely invincible. He can also throw fireballs and teleport, I think that's the main thing.
Injuring this character:
- Ask first about anything that will debilitate him, as he probably will not take good care of himself and be out of commission for a while. Minor injuries are both possible and totally fine by the mun. Expect them to be retaliated with full force.
Killing this character:
- Please ask first. I'm not opposed to it but it is an inconvenience and I would like to know ahead of time and plan accordingly if it's gonna happen. Expect Dodger to seek out his killer for revenge once he's been revived.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character:
- A-okay, please ask me so I can describe what they might learn. Mind control is also 100% allowed. Dodger will find both invasive and violating, and it will be a complete betrayal if someone he likes tries it. Keep in mind that while he doesn't particularly care what happens to his body, his mind is fragile and precious to him. It's full of his deep dark secrets that no one should know.
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The Player
Name/Handle: Xep
Age: 19
Pronouns: his/he/him
Contact: e-mail -, ask for skype. Although the best way to contact me is probably PMing this account.
Experience: I’ve been active on Dreamwidth for around 7 years, dabble in Tumblr RP and Skype but prefer the structure of DW games, and I’ve been working on writing a novel? Although that’s a lot harder than RPing, hahaha.
Current Characters: n/a

The Character
Name: Jamison Brett Kingsley; goes by Jamie Dodger or just Dodger.
Age/Birthdate: 23; Jan 16, 1935.
Species: Human (splicer)
Gender: Male
Sexual/romantic orientation: Pan/bisexual, leans toward men.
Canon: Bioshock OC
Canon point: N/A, since he’s an OC?
Played By: Rafael Lazzini (may be replaced later by mun’s art)
For a few to be immortal, many must die. )


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